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Default Re: P.V. "Le Kliff" and restaurant update question


While I can't personally speak to Le Cliff (or Kliff - been there for a quick drink, but not dinner), I'd like to suggest that you pose your questions on one of the PV message boards. I'd put down the link for my favorite (the one with Brenda and JR, etc), but am not sure if I can or not. If I can, then I will - sounds silly, I know, but I don't want to beak any rules unknowingly.

One of the inhabitants of that particular board has put together a restaurant list which has a whole slew of names. She has persoanlly been to all of them (she goes to PV 3 - 4 times a year).

As well, the readers/participants of that board are more than willing to share thoughts on places to eat and thier experiences.

We hope to be back in PV next year in April for 2 weeks. This year was the 10 day on the Summit, which was fabulous. We usually stay at the Fiesta Americana....and take those crazy buses into town.

One place I can recommend is Mezza Luna. Up the hill from the first part of the Malecon. Good Italian food with a great little garden in the back for al fresco.

Again, I'll post the link if it's OK....maybe you even have it already.

Let me know.

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