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I had the stone massage on the Glory 2 weeks ago. Here is a detailed description of my experience:
You go in and register, you have to go and take a shower, put all your stuff into a locker. Your name is called and you are off to a very low light room with soft music playing. Your therapist comes in and asks if you are on any medications and what if any problems with your body. Then she starts with oil rubbing it on your leg from the top to the bottom of your feet. She then gets a stone, which sits in hot water and the stone is so smooth to touch. She rubs that stone all down your legs, Oh forgot to tell you , you are laying on your stomach, your hands have a cloth over them and you get to hold the warm stones in each hand, once she is done with both legs and feet, she goes and does the oil and stone all over your back and arms. Once back side is done you flip over and she does the front of your legs and feet. Then she moves to the top of your chest, she does not touch your breast or stomach, just the top of your chest and shoulders, down your arms and hands. She does your face and head with her hands but not the stones. Let me tell you this was the best 90 minutes ever. I actually told her this was just about as good as sex. It was sooooooooo good. It was expense and I almost changed my mind but so glad I didn't. The cost was $175.00 and then you tip I gave a $20.00 tip. You can have this done as couples but my husband wasn't interested once he heard the cost. He told me to go a head and get spoiled. Believe me it truly was great. I hope this helps. If you do go and get it done please e-mail me and let me know if you liked it.


Christine Frejik
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