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Default What ship is where, when

I am trying to figure out (before I go) what ships are in port when the ship I am on is in port.

Anyone who has travelled the current itinerary for Carniva's Inspiration (or anyone else in the know) - please tell me what other ships are in the following ports on the day I'm there.

(reason I am asking is that some family and friend want to "stalk" us while we're cruising... we know that there are many cruise lines that have webcams on their bows... if they know that another ship is on port on a day that we are, they may look at either the port cams or the bow cams for the other ships to see if they can catch a glimpse of our ship.. I did this to a friend who was travelling to Alaska - captured her and her family on a port cam as they got off the ship and did an excursion.. it was quite a lot of fun .. she's like to "return the favour".)

August 24th: Grand Cayman
August 25th: Cost Maya
August 26th: Belize
August 27th: Cozumel

If you know of any other ships in the area (or recall passing ships along the route... which ships) please let me know.. I'm going to set up a little "Inspiration Spotting" schedule for my family and allow them to vicariously travel with us.

Thanks in advance for your help and humour in understanding my request.

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