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We sailed on the Rhapsody of the Seas in April. I canít remember the exact date, but it was somewhere around the 13th. The Wind and Seas on the first couple of days were ROUGH and the air was very crisp.

Our cabin was located toward the end of the bow - there were only a few cabins past us. It was like we were on an elevator all day long. Up and Down Over and Over!!! I'm not sure how many feet we went up before we came down, but lying in bed, I could actually feel my body being compressed against the bed on the way up and almost weightless on the way down. It seemed to my wife and me that just about everyone on the ship was sick. The one plus of all of this is that we got to know many of the passengers - so many of us were congregated in the Centrum from sun up to sun down.

After the first couple of days, the seas became smooth and the temperature got nice and warm.

My wife and I will be the Infinity to Hawaii on April 7th. This time however we're doing a few things differently. First, we are arriving in San Diego a day early to get our bodies more acclimated to the time change. We're from Maryland and we think the jet lag played into us feeling ill. Second, we booked a cabin directly in the middle of the ship. Third, we plan to start taking medication for motion sickness a day ahead.

Even with all of the above said about rough seas, we still had a wonderful time. The ship was great and Hawaii is just a fantastic place to visit. Even if you don't have a cabin in the middle of the ship, you can probably ward off any motion sickness if you start taking something a day ahead. If youíre from the East Coast like we are and it can be worked into your schedule, I highly recommend getting to San Diego a day early.

One last thing, please don't assume you're not prone to motion sickness. I know Iím not. I can ride any amusement park attraction, sit it back of a bus, etc. etc. and not get sick. Nevertheless, I still felt ill the first couple of days on the cruise.
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