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John L.
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Default Re: Re: flight questions

Even tho you have changed your plans let me mention our experience several years ago. We cruised RCI from Ensenada to Hawaii. We booked our air with RCI and they had a promotion for $200 pp and we left from Newark. It was nonstop on Continental to LAX (5 hours) and nonstop from Honolulu (9 hours). The fares have increased since then and I haven't seen any promos for air. I'm booked on the Carnival Spirit next spring from Honolulu to Vancouver but I haven't booked the air yet. If it is exhorbitant, I might cancel the cruise. It is hard to check rates when they are one way on the web. Seems the sites want round trip from same locations so you have to phone in to the airlilnes for one way to/from different locations.

John L.
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