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Default Re: Shore Excursions

I just got back from the Pride of Aloha July 4th cruise. I did at least one excursion every day. Some of them I booked on my own (usually on the days when we were staying over night at the port and not traveling), and some of them I booked through Norwegian Cruise Lines. I did save a lot of money by booking on my own but it was sometimes impossible since Norwegian bought a lot of the excursions out for the days when they were in port. Traveling to and from the excursion can be a problem. Some of the excursions would pick me up and some would not. It takes a lot of research and emailing ahead of time to find these answers. It was worth the research and we had a great time. You MUST do the ziplining in Kauai. It was the most fun of everything we did.
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