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Default Re: Embarrasing Experiences?

Reading these stories, I'm rolling on the floor laughing..however, I just returned from a cruise and can share a story about my cabin mate...we left from New Orleans and she decided to venture into the city with a friend before the ship departed. She's not much a drinker ordinarilly but apparantly her excitement over her first cruise led her to partake more then her share of "spirits" and when she arrived back at the ship (minutes before it departed)..and after having several New Orleans hurricanes, she was quite intoxicated to say the least...ok to be blunt, drunker then a skunk. We went to the life boat drill (she doesn't even remember it!) and then after that on to the dining room for dinner. We were seated with six other tablemates whom we had never met (and most were the reserved type)...and here I had to help my friend to the table and get her seated!. My friend talks quite loudly and even more so after a few spirits...and I had to keep telling her to hush! All I could think about, here we are at the dining table on day one no less and what a first impression we are giving them...and we have to face these people the rest of the week! . I have to say she was quite embarrassed after she sobered up and I told her all the things she said at a table full of strangers..
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