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Lounge chair savers!! My last cruise was 15 days, I got a chair on the pool deck once. Did I miss the line to get assigned my deck chair, was there something in the brochure I didn't read, why is that towel hogging my little ray of sunshine? What's with all those people snoring in those chairs? Don't they have cabins to nap in? Maybe because of the longer cruise there was an older demographic, but boy those old folks can sit!! I showed them - went to my balcony (my very first balcony, but surely not the last). A previous poster was correct - don't get between a little old lady and a buffet line - especially the desserts! I even had one (little old lady, not laugh out loud) tell me to get out of a full elevator so she could get on! It was an experience, cruising with the 75+ crowd. But still a great cruise......guess the only bad cruise is no cruise.
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