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Default Re: Most embarassing cruise moment?

Our family joke is when my youngest son, then 7, fell through the counter at a store in St. Maarten.

I will never forget waiting while we paid for purchases and watching my son leaning forward. The sales counter was open in the back and had the usual touristy-junk hanging down so that you couldn't tell that there was NO backing to the counter. It was basically a giant rectangle made out of wood.

I as looked out of the corner of my eye, I saw my son lean a little too far forward. I remember thinking, "He does know that there ISN'T a back to that counter to catch him, doesn't he?" Guess he didn't. He fell all the way through the touristy-junk and landed right at the feet of the salesperson. She was shocked, he was shocked and then everyone was rushing to see if he was okay.

After realizing that he was only scratched up a bit, we started dying of laughter - all of us except my son. He was SO embarrassed! Then he cried because he was so embarrassed. Then he laughed because it really did look pretty funny seeing him fall through the counter like that. So, to this day when we really want a good laugh, we relive this little St. Maarten family joke and everyone gets a laugh out of it, even my son.
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