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Default Victory Thoughts

Just back last night from the Victory, here are some of my thoughts. This was my 42nd cruise.

-the ship is kept in great shape, service in the dining rooms, bars, lido was good.

-food was very good to excellent.

-the cabins were 'noisy' and let me clarify - You could hear EVERYTHING in the halls, heard nothing between the rooms. Balcony doors slam (have no mechanism to help them close slowly)

-Carnival has given a new meaning to 'congestion', formal night every set of steps in the atrium were closed for picture taking (didn't stop me from using them), I counted 8 photogrphers in the atrium for photo ops. Strolling down Neptunes way each evening, figure at least 3 photographers.

-level 4 of the atrium is the photo display/sale and really jams up.

-shows were very good.

-lots of kids, disco was 'teen' until 11:30 and then they were told to leave and go to the Ionian bar and every evening but the last, this happened. at 1:00 am there were still loads of underage kids in disco and security just stood there. Saw them break glassware on the floor and even break one of the sofas.

-Mediterranean restaurant (buffet on lido) was good, but VERY and I mean VERY long lines.

-cool weather on sea days (I lazed on balcony), lovely sunny/windy day in St. John, around 65 degrees. Around 70 in Halifax with sun. Lovely days.

Just a few quick ones, enjoyed the trip very much, but with a full ship, it was very congested. Carnival has crammed almost 1000 more people (at full capacity) on this class ship than Princess has on the Grand class (about 6,000 tons larger, less max capacity).
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