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Default Re: Do you purchase Cruise Insurance? - To Buy or

To me, the trip cancellation is not a big deal. As Lady Jag says, it's a gamble. As is the rest of life.

I can live with that.

Flying in a day early and paying for a hotel is, possibly, cheaper and certainly more relaxing and fun.

We travel a lot and I have an elderly mom. Her pragmatic attitude is, if we're on the other side of the world, ,just have her cremated and we'll deal with the ceremonies when we get back. If something happened to one of my kids, though, I'd SWIM home if I had to.

HOWEVER, it's the medical part that's important. As an "insider" on some of these issues, I know how expensive it can be to medevac someone. Or, to be in a foreign hospital for a while then make your way home with a late-purchase airline ticket. Worse, as happened to a friend, to have your spouse die in a foreign country.

Read Anne Campbell's article on the home page.

pamda -- CruiseMates First-Time Cruisers Editor and BIG believer in off-shore medical insurance.
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