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Default Re: Uniworld River Cruises HELP!

Wow, Dall!! I'm surprised to hear it about KD. Their brochure is so basic - very, very simplistic in every means of the word. I like their Deustchland ship (not to be confused with Peter Deilmann's) better than the Swiss Pearl that Uniworld & General Tours uses on the Rhine. I haven't received my Conde Nast for this month yet, but will check it out when it comes. (if it was in this month's issue)

KD's prices are definitely A LOT better than everyone else for the cruise alone, but I worry about having to do so much of our own arrangements. KD won't book airfare and we'd have to buy 2 one-way tickets (LAX to Amsterdam, Zurich to LAX). That worries me a bit, as we are new to Europe. Also, their hotel in Zurich isn't very nice from what I've heard. Could I be wrong?

I love KD's package tour that does London, Paris, Amsterdam and the cruise down the Rhine, but it's a bit pricey when you figure that air isn't included in the price. (Have been asking the company that sells KD in the US questions via e-mail lately.)

If you don't do one of their package tours and do just the cruise, you have to pay for EVERY transfer with them. It's $60 pp from Basel to Zurich and $65 pp from the hotel in Amsterdam to the ship x 4 people = $500 just in transfers alone. I think that's a bit steep.

I'm trying to play the devil's advocate here, can you tell? I want to go with KD, but have a few concerns. Any reassurance or help in sorting out my confusion would be very much appreciated!!!
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