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Default Re: Booking on Orbitz Question

Hard to really say. If you cannot abide by a cabin that is far forward or in the aft or whatever then you may wish to book a specific cabin. If on the other hand you are like us and the location does not matter at all then a GTY is the way to go. Just make sure you book a cabin at least in the lowest catogory that you can stand. A upgrade is not always forthcoming. If you have to have an outside then book at least an outside.
As for the pricing....that is a million dollar question. It is almost always better to book early as you know that the price at least cannot be raised on you. If it goes down you sometimes are able to get the better priceing so that is mostly a win-win situation. Check around the various agencies and fnd one that gives you a great price and service and then book with them and be happy. Remember that the best price is not always the lowest nor does a higher price mean better service. You have to be happy and feel right about the agent you are dealing with. Enjoy your cruise and if we can help, just ask us.

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