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Default Re: Do you keep in contact with staff from ships?

On our first cruise, we had a wonderful Social Hostess and had the pleasure of cruising with her again. We became quite friendly.

She took some time off from the waves and worked at a travel agency nearby so we reconnected. Then I lost her.

On Horizon, having cocktails before the Captain's table dinner thing, I asked the Social Hostess, Kim, if she knew Lisa.

Another CruiseMate, with whom I'd connected the day before, looked at me in amazement. "You know Lisa, TOO ???"

Thus began Peggy's hunt for Lisa. She found her about ten days ago. Sweet!

I've been keeping in contact with Captain George Pangiotakis -- who was our first Captain -- for years. Just by sailing on "his" ships. He has a phenomenal memory. On Summit, as the Social Hostess was introducing people to the Captain before dinner he said something along the lines of, "I have known this lady for many years." He told me he's bringing the Constellation across, so I guess #6 sailing with him is coming up once he gets her here.

We just seem to keep tripping over crew that we remember --- and that remembers us. One night at dinner I was perusing the wine list and a voice from the next table said something like, "Number 81. The chardonnay." It was a fellow who had been our wine steward twice and was on his way to Bermuda to get married.

Just walking along on Summit I heard my name being called. It was Sarah who had been the Social Hostess on our Millenium trip, now in charge of the Kiddie Gulag on Summit.

Wonder who we find the next time?

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