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Default Re: Poll: your worst shore excursion

Our worst excursion was on a prestay in Hawaii before our first cruise on the Independence. The excursion was booked by us on a recomendation by a co worker who had just done this excursion. It was a scuba diving excursion. We were picked up late to start with. We than sat in the dive shop for a couple hours. We finally got out to dive. We were diving at a 90 foot depth on a sunken ship when the dive master signaled us to surface. Of course at that depth you make a stop part way for decompression which takes a couple extra minutes. Once we reached the surface we found the dive boat was sinking and the sides of the boat were only inches out of the water. To shorten up the story our 4 hour dive turned into a 12 hour pain in the backside.

My wife who does not dive stayed back and had a rough time when she asked where we were and the dive shop responded " Oh their boat is sinking out in the ocean somewhere we are trying to get them in". It deffinately put a damper on the day.
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