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Default Re: poll: what size table?

Jose and I prefer a table for 8 or 10. 6 is good too, but a round 6, not a rectangular 6! You can't see the people on the same side of the table as you! And pamda is right, the mix at our table on the Let's Get Lei'd Cruise was the BEST! We had the best dinner times on that one of any cruise I've ever taken. We learned the many uses of Tabasco from Ray and Helen. These dear people have been married 62 years and adore each other. Every gesture and word they direct at each other is a loving caress. What an inspiration to the rest of us! Kay kept us entertained with her knack for telling stories just so. Besides, she's a serious doggy lover, and she was missing her pug, Gates,as much as I was missing Oscar the Shih Tzu. Chuck is one of those quiet types who doesn't say much, but every once in a while comes up with the perfect rejoinder and sets everyone to laughing! Pamda and Queeg are.....well, they're pamda and Queeg! Queeg is a professional entertainer, and one could listen to his stories forever. Pamda is a serious foodie, and eating with her was to learn at the feet of the master! Some evenings she had 2 soups, 2 or 3 appetizers, no entrée, and an appetizer with dessert! Jose and I had wonderful dinner times on that cruise!

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