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Default Booked & Booked ....

Nope, no echo in here.

Since Queeg and I were already going to be in Miami cruising to nowhere on the Constellation next month, we figured we might as well go SOMEWHERE so we're picking up the Mercury the next day for a 7-day Western.

Putting on my Queen LaCheapa outfit, I have been having great fun looking at funky hotels in SoBe for the overnight. Any suggestions? Just so long as I am bigger than the palmetto bugs, I will be fine I figure we don't need the Delano for this outing. Though it WOULD be sweet.

After 13 Celeb cruises, this will be our first time on a Century-class ship. Even at this late date, we totally lucked out with a great balcony cabin dead amidships. If the Upgrade Fairy happens to fly by, fine. If not, we're totally content with our choice.

We're excited about sampling the Constellation after sailing on Millie and Summit. And it will be our sixth sail with Georges Pangiotakis as Master. At least that's what he told me on Summit during the LGL cruise.

I'm eager to see the decor after Kuki's comments. It seems like each younger sister down the line gets a little bit friskier, both on Celebrity and HAL. I shall take MANY photographs.

Which reminds me to buy a new digicam after the unpleasantness in Montreal.

Because it's an itinerary we know well, our plan is to search out some off-the-wall things to do rather than the usual. Now, where's that countdown clock software?

I must add that there is NO SUBSTITUTE for a good TA.

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