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Default Re: Pride11-23laundry,irons, steamers ?

The pride has self service laundry and the ability to send out laundry for the next day. Towards the end of the cruise they run a special for the send out laundry. A bag is placed in your room and they will wash anything you can fit into the bag for a fee. Didn't visit the laundromat on board since we didn't need to so I can't tell you the location.
There are irons available for use in the laundry room, they don't allow you to bring on one board your self. It is a fire hazard. They also have a send out pressing service if you want to use that.
I believe you can bring a steamer on board if you want. We usually accomplish the steaming by hanging the clothes in the bathroom when we take a shower. Since there isn't a vent fan in the bathroom it does get plenty steamy in there. But we are just getting out travel time wrinkles, I iron the bad wrinkles out before we leave home.
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