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Default Rail Travel versus Cruise Travel

Hi everyone, I'm back from my weekend adventure by rail to Toronto (about 400miles from Montreal), and I have some comparisons to make...
Someone on the board recently described their cruise cabin as not only too small to swing a cat, but if you tried to cuss out the cat you would get a mouthful of fur! Well, I have to say that our sleeping cabin on VIA Rail was so small, I don't think a cat would've even fit in the room with the two of us! As it was, I had to climb on the upper bunk so that my husband could pass by to get to the bathroom, even then having to climb over the bunk ladder. The bed, and especially the pillows, were very comfortable, but I never got a wink of sleep due to the rocking and rolling of the train all night long. At one point I was thrown violently into the guardrail on the top bunk, banging my knee. Thank goodness the rail was there, or I would've been on the floor more than once! Not to mention the persistent tooting of the train horn all night long, and the blasting horns of the 2 freight trains that passed right by the window and nearly scared me out of my skin!The bathroom, surprisingly, had more space to move than the cabin itself, however the "shower" consisted of a removable shower head that you had to use standing right in the middle of the bathroom, toilet, sink, and all! There was a drain in the floor, which apparently didn't work in the cabin next door because we woke up to a soggy carpet in the morning (we never used our shower ) So of course, my husband, who "hangs" his clothes up on the floor, had soggy pants to put on next morning, not to mention soggy socks he had to wear all day. The corridor outsie the cabins was just wide enough to pass if you were 200lbs or less, and under 6 ft. tall. I don't know what bigger people do, they must need to jaws of life to get them out occasionally. The trip back wasn't so bad, as we were in a seating car during the day, and we were served wine, snacks, and a wonderful meal topped off with liqueurs and the world's best chocolates. The scenery was rather dull; cold, snowy, barren Ontario farmland for the most part, I would much rather have been looking out at the Caribbean Sea! In fact, I would much rather have enjoyed those chocolates on the pillow of my (dry) roomy cabin aboard any cruise ship, and been gently rocked to sleep by the rolling waves....
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