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Default Re: Friday the 13th.......

Good morning from the U.K.(well it's afternoon here so I have survived half the day already!)

Superstitions?yes I go along with that cruising once a year but are you sure it isn't twice a year?!!!
Magpies-on seeing a Magpie you should always salute him and say 'Your Majesty'.
New shoes should never be put on the table-don't ask!! I could never work out why they would be there in the first place!
Cover all mirrors up during a thunderstorm.
Never bring white Lilac into the house .
Never sit on a new Mothers bed,unless of course you want to find yourself in a similar position in 9 months time!
Don't walk on the cracks in the pavement.
Never mix red and white flowers.
I must have had a really interesting childhood because they are just a few I can recall,have a great day everyone,weather here is 80plus today ,it must be the one day we call summer!!
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