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anita kennedy
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Default Re: Re: Long down load but worth it

I must be a non-thinker. I merely looked at the clip, shed a tear for my son who is in the Air Force and his wife and remembered our years in the Air Force and was feeling so full of patriotism that I didn't notice that I saw one blonde female in the prarying part of it and didn't really look or count who was in it. Merely thank God they are there and wish the Higher Ups would pay them more for what they do. Do you know their allowance for food is $200 a month. I spend that in a week in the grocery. They have never had a raise in that.

I an appreciative of the break to come back to reality and realize some of us are still fighting for us to be able to cruise. I also wonder if some of the critics, counting females, blacks, hispanics etc have ever been in the service. They really should never have done away with the draft then maybe we would not have so many of our young adults in drug rehabs and psychiatric hospitals and they would have known what life is about. When you are in a controlled environment like the service it is not a democratic society as Myles put it and you do what you are told. Hats off to the people who can do this and do it well.

Thanks for the memories and reality check.
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