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Default Re: Long down load but worth it

Jack, many good points

But along your line of thought: How many people here who jumped to knock anyone who protested the post or its non-inclusiveness ever served in the military, either?

That's a knife that cuts both ways and (IMHO) doesn't negate any comments said previously.

And, in terms of inclusiveness, we watch History Channel, but in WW II or Korea, it seems to be a white-only war because it was not OK to glorify the blacks, women (and others) who served at the same time.

There *IS* a point in all this "political correctedness," and that is to move forward in acknowledging everyone.

The second point being is that in my opinion -- and others -- this is not the place in which to discuss issues that any polite person would not bring up at the dinner table with those who may not not subscribe to their same thought beliefs.

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