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Default Re: Who Have You Met?

Haven't met any celebrities, but have certainly me and formed many friendships with cruisers from all over this country and others.

Cruising on a Cruisemates cruise is in itself an experience. I got to meet so many people whose names were household words but had never had the pleasure of meeting. Trip, the Queen of Shopping and such a lovely lady, Helen & Ray, with so many stories to tell, Cher, who we don't see enough of, Marylou, sweetness itself, Donna, wise and funny, Robo, such a great guy, Steve, so interesting and very kind, Anne, so worldly and wise, Paul, who's so quiet you have to look to find him and then there's Kuki. I've cruised with him so many times I think we must be related or something. There's Ron & Ferne from Las Vegas who are just too much like me and Mama and Dave and Simi who are part of my cruising family, Ernie, funny, interesting and among the missing at this time, others like Phyl, never cruised with her but love her just the same, Susan, who told me she was a loner, NOT. And of course CruiseAholic, who could forget CA who never ceases to amaze and surprise. I'm sure I have forgotten more than I've remembered, but suffice it to say I wouldn't trade knowing these people for anything. So glad we met.

I could go on for such a long time, but these people have become long time friends and for me that's what cruising is all about.


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