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Default Re: POLL- Why do you CHOOSE a Cruise over a land Vacation

Think about the idea of dragging 2 kids for a week or 2 around in a car, in and out of hotels, paying for food they won't eat, paying hotel babysitters who you have no clue who they are, etc... Get my point. Dollar for dollar a cruise is worth it. Last June we did a 2 week trip to New England where most of our family is. Rained a good portion of the time, kids were miserable, had problems with our flights and generally came home totally stressed out. Upon arrival home dh looks at me and says why didn't we cruise up there. It is actually cheaper to cruise for a week than to go to the home of the Mouse. Yes, a cruise is expensive but if you take family vacations, they are actually cheaper. Hotel, divide the cost of the cruise by six nights at a hotel. Roughly 100$ per night depending on area. Going by govt per diem per person of 57$ per day for food x6 add that then the cost of gasoline if you are driving and if you fly and rent a car add that in. Get where I'm going..... It is much cheaper to cruise. Then you have the kids programs on board. Babysitters at 5$ per hour.... That is why we take cruises. Also one more very important factor, it is the experience of being on board ship, that is priceless. My kids have been all over but they remember the ships the most.


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