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Default Re: POLL- Why do you CHOOSE a Cruise over a land Vacation

A lot of reasons! Living a hop, skip and a jump from the Elbe and being fascinated by cruise ships going by is one.

The second has to do with wanting to see the Caribbean. If I chose a land vacation to see that lush part of the earth....that would mean a lot of vacation time! Cruising reminds me of grazing at a buffet.

The third has to do with the Panama Canal. Ive experienced the Kiel Canal and can only imagine how exciting the Panama Canal would be.

The fourth reason is as Thomas stated. Dh (hopefully) wont be reached on a cruise ship. Weve had two land vacations ruined by calls from the company. Provided dh can keep his mouth shut, I doubt that they will reach us!

Land vacations are also in our future. Were hoping to get to either Namibia or South Africa next year as well.

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