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Default Re: Coming Up.. a reasonable solution to the smokers/non smo

Sue... Before this move by Carnival, I've posted in other smoking threads, that I didn't understand why ships didnt have offer both smoking and totally non smoking lounges.

I do think designating at least some cabins totally non smoking is a good idea. NCL tried offered it a few years back. One side of the ship was smoking the other side non. They found they weren't filling the non smoking cabins.

Possibly non smokers don't cruise as much as smokers. I have no idea on those statistics.

The cruise lines obviously try to make their decisions based on what will maximize their profits. If Paradise had done well as a non smoking ship, all the cruise lines would have non smoking ships.
It turned out the non smoking policy on Paradise hurt their revenues.

Unlike many land based businesses, they had no local governments telling them what they could and could not do to their privately owned businesses.

Personally, I think even on land consumers should dictate smoking policies. Restaurants and Bars do what they think is profitable as well. If these business owners see non smoking facilities are getting the business, they'd naturally go non smoking.
I don't believe we need govt micro managing our lives.

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