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Default Re: Weirdest Wedding Present Ever

The strangest gift I ever saw at a wedding was made during the wedding. My stepson's brother in law is a is too mild a word. He is about 15 years older than his cohabitant girlfriend. They are the stereotype of a Mother Earth News lifestyle. They live by a barter system. Think of the TV character Dharma and her family. It's as if they try too hard to fulfill that model. My stepson and his wife, on the other hand, are very real world oriented as are the rest of my DIL's family, very nice people all around.

During the ceremony, the brother and companion sat in the church making hats out of jute for wedding gifts. I realize "It's the thought that counts," but that stands out as the most incongruous thing I've ever seen at a wedding.

Hey, Michelle, why not take the lamp to your local Pier 1 and see if they want to sell it on consignment? Keeps it off Ebay, anyway. The compressed air is great for getting the dust out of keyboards.


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