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Default Re: Holland America Tipping/ new

I thought that HAL had a "tipping not required policy " because they paid their staff better than the other ships. I have a feeling they do.

I think the tipping thing sucks. It is something I do but I resent them telling me how MUCH to tip.
If we ever went to a restaurant that listed the tip on the bill we would NEVER go back. . That is the height of tacky!! AND the poster said they base the tip on the tax, HOW DARE THEY!

It's one thing to say the cruise lines pay their staff low ( slave) wages and we should make it up, it is another thing in America where there are minumum wage laws.

I have ,and DO work tor tips, so believe me I LIKE tips. I just don't DEMAND them. I work for them and most of the time I get them, once in awhile I get "stiffed" . That is life.Even with "automatic tipping" people can stiff their waiter and steward. People who really don't want to tip won't no matter what, it isn't a fee and they don't care if you try to make them feel " cheap".

Is HAL putting their prices lower and therefore making less and need the pax. to pick up the slack on wages?

As I said I do tip, I like tips, but I do NOT like this forced tipping, with set amounts. The fact is ALL the tips get pooled so what is the incentive to tip your cabin steward a bit more, according to these boards he has to hand it in. And if he has 10 cabins and they all tip the automatic amount plus he recieves say 100 dollars extra( form two or three cabins combined) .NOW if one of his cabins stiffs him he is REQUIRED to PAY the amount stiffed onto the pool. Therefore losing some of his "extra tips
I think pooling the tips sucks."
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