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Default Well, we're back from the Spirit, boo hoo hoo!

We left the Carnival Spirit yesterday morning in San Diego, kicking and screaming! I can't believe how fast those 16 days went by! There were so many highlights in among all the relaxation and sleeping! I have to wean myself from sleeping so much this weekend, because on Monday it's up again at 5:00 a.m. and back to work!

One quick comment about this 16-day cruise. As you have all heard before, the longer the cruise, the higher the median age of the passengers, and this one was no exception. In 16 days, we disembarked 15 either ill or injured passengers and their traveling companions. We had to make an unscheduled stop in Kingston, Jamaica, and sped up to get to both Puerto Vallarta and San Diego hours before our scheduled arrivals to get people to the hospital. We disembarked one ill passenger right in the Gatun locks of the Panama Canal, and in Costa Rica we had already left the pier when we had to return to send another one to the hospital. On a cruise like this, don't plan to get from one place to another on the ship in any kind of a hurry, because the proliferation of walkers, wheel chairs and scooters (Larks?) prevents quick movement! Lest anyone get offended by these comments, let me make it clear that I am only commenting on the cirucmstances of the cruise and not complaining.

It was a great cruise. I did my level best to eat and drink enough for all of you. ! Now, who's going to come over to my house and cook dinner tonight?

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