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Default Re: 10 1/2 hour flight/ coping with the long flight


You say you have 1million FF miles? Why not upgrade your seat to First Class or Business Class? I too, flew from LA to London (via American) and used my FF to upgrade. (I did have a change of planes in DFW, so technically the flight to London was only 8 1/2 hours...but it was still 12 hours of travel time.)
In First & Business class you have your own personal movie screen with about 4 choices of movies and different tv comedies. You can watch one or all of them in the time you are in the air. Also, the seats recline more in business and 1st class so makes it easier to relax and sleep better.

At one point they turn down all the lights and close the window shades which makes it easier to sleep. In 1st & Business class, they gave us a travel bag with socks, ear plugs, eye mask to help you sleep also. If you are in coach...take your own ear plugs and eye mask....and like Lisa K suggested, your slippers (or comfy socks).

Personally, I don't like taking unnecessary medications, so instead I will have a couple glasses of wine (and its free in 1st & Business class!) Between the wine and the meals on the plane, I didn't have a problem going to sleep.

Make sure you wear something really comfortable....easier to relax that way.

Lisa K suggested a book on tape....that is a really good idea! (My daughter & I travelled across the country last year by car and we listened to books on tape in the car. It really helped pass the time. As a matter of fact, I always forget about books on tape. I think I'll go buy a couple for the flight from LAX to San Juan for my upcoming cruise!)

MichelleP's idea of the going thru a guide book is great too. I've done that on several plane trips.

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