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Default Re: Most Infamous Person You Ever Met

I was in my local grocey store, in a hurry as usual. A was making a bee line down the back when someone pulled out of an aisle and our carts collided. I was going to comment to the person that maybe they should be more cautious, but held my tongue when I looked up to see it was Donald Sutherland. He has a camp on a nearby lake.
I haven't seen him for a couple of years, but he's been around long enough that everyone has seen him often enough. Always in the grocery store tho'.

We have only one good resturant in town and his son Kiefer and Julia Roberts were seen there many times - I missed out.

At the High School Variety Show in 2002 the woman that plays the sister on Yes, Dear was in the audience. Her boyfriend of the time was from our area. She left at Intermission and my daughter was disappointed that she didn't get to her her sing. They always cast the best acts in the second half so they had to suffer through some pretty awful stuff, if they had been patient they would have seen some better talent.

Sensation 2/2003
Majesty of the Seas 3/2004
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