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Default Re: Dream Cruise, Dream Tablemates for Captain's Night

Ohhhh Venice!!We play the "who do you invite to your dinner party" game all the time!

Let's see:

1. movies - Johnny Depp
2. world leader: Henry Kissinger
3. business - the Donald
4. sports - Lance Armstrong
5. fallen from grace - Bill Clinton

Don't know I have a lot to ask Johnny Depp, I just want to sit next to him and drool...

I can't even BEGIN to list all the questions I have for Kissinger. He and I would most likely monopolize the conversation all evening.

One question for Donald Trump. What's the deal with that hair?

I'd like to ask Lance about overcoming his battle with cancer and going on to become one of the great athletes of all time AND single-handedly bringing bike riding to the front burner for many Americans.

With Bill, I might just enjoy some good, lively conversation, maybe with a few queries about Hillary.....



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