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Default Too cool for the lifeboat drill?

I was talking recently to a friend who's been on a couple of cruises with a group of friends of his.

"My friends and I never go to the lifeboat drill," he said. "What a waste of time."

"Doesn't your room steward make sure you're out of your room?" I asked, aghast.

"Naw, they've never checked on us. We sit in the room and drink instead! It's a lot more fun!"

"But you need to know where to go if there's an emergency!" I said.

"Oh, we figure we'll just follow everyone else," he said, laughing, "I mean, they'll know where they're going, right?"

He just seemed to think it was no big deal and was completely flippant about it. I honestly think he and his friends think they're too cool to go to the lifeboat drill. Can you believe it?!

Michelle P.

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