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Default Absent Parent consent form needed?

My boyfriend is raising a teenage boy who is the son of his ex-wife, and not his biological child. Our TA said that we would need an Absent Parent consent form to take him on the cruise with us. We have written, notarized permission from his mother (who has sole custody), but have no idea where his biological father is - he has never been a part of the child's life. The Carnival Terms and Agreement mentions needing parental consent from absent parents if disembarking in Mexico for longer than 24 hours, but does not mention any other country. Does anyone know for sure if we will need the absent parent consent to travel to Nassau? Please help!! I don't want to get to Port Canaveral and find out we can't cruise because we can't get permission from this child's unreachable father. Any information on this subject would be appreciated. Thanks CruiseMates!
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