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Default Prayers needed again

This morning on the news I learned that a 21 year old girl who played field hockey with my daughter while in high school had been killed in a car accident. Early Sunday morning Ashley and her boyfriend and another couple were coming home from a bar. Ashley was the designated driver. She and the other girl had to urinate. They went outside and went in front of the SUV so they boys couldn't see them. The boyfriend (who was drunk) thought it would be funny to drive off down the road so the girls would think they were stranded. I don't know if he didn't realize they were in front of the car, or just forgot because of the alcohol - but he drove forward, and ran over and killed Ashley.
To make matters worse her parents were in Florida on vacation and her brother, whom my son played football with, was in France on a school exchange trip. The poor son had to fly all the way home by himself. At least the parents had each other for comfort. I just can't image their pain. How senseless and stupid. I guess we will have a funeral this week too.

Also, one of my son's friends was struck by a car this morning while boarding the school bus. A car didn't want to wait for the bus so passed - I can't imagine this either. The girl is ok, thank God, but very traumatized as are all the students who were on the bus watching.

Thanks guys -
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