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Default I managed to lose 1/2 a pound

Did a "weigh in" this morning to see what results the 12 day cruise had on my "diet".

While I didn't lose any more real weight... I'm happy to say I didn't gain any either.

I didn't adhere strictly to the non carb diet I was on, but I did restrict my glutony <G>
I ate a bit of bread, and Celeb's yummy bread sticks at dinner... and had a taste of the potatoes on my plate. But stayed only with the sugar free deserts.

I used the stairs the majority of the time, and did a lot of walking in ports of call.

Enjoyed, in kind of an odd way, that my dress clothes looked borrowed from a larger guy. Seems a fair bit of the weight I'd lost was from my shoulder and chest area, leaving my tux and sports jacket, hanging... they became 6 inches too long <G>

It was fun in Copenhagen to see a nice leather sports jacket on sale in a store, and being able to buy it "off the rack" without hunting for the XXL section.

One very interesting thing of note on this sailing. The passenger mix was very heavily English and European... and though smoking was definately more noticably prevelant, so to was the fact they seemed much leaner as well.
Just maybe our North American diet and eating habits are not as "healthy" for us in general as some of our other "health and lifestyle concerns".

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