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Default Re: The Name Game !!

Apparently, I was supposed to be named Gail, because my father liked the name. But when I was born, my father looked at me and said "she doesn't look like a Gail, she looks like a Donna", so that's what I am! My middle name, Lee, is apparently because my mom had a fascination with Chinamen (?). She worked at a Chinese grocery and liked the Chinese people. So, Donna Lee was born.
When I started work at my present daycare, there were 3 Donnas, so I became known as Donna-Lee to differentiate. I am now the only Donna left, but I'm stuck with Donna-Lee anyway. Everytime someone calls out "Donna-Lee" I still cringe, because the only one who ever called me that was my mother when I was in big trouble!

My husband's given name is James Michael, but his family always called him Michael. (go figure). When I met him, he introduced himslef as James, so it's weird that I'm the only one who calls him James, when his family and co-workers call him Michael.
(he says, "just don't call me late for supper!")


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