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Default Re: A little Lightening goes a long way

Phyll... those commercially-available surge protectors are not much good against a direct lightning strike. They only protect you against what travels down the line from a half-mile away, or further. A lightning bolt contains enough energy to jump large gaps in between conductors, which means it can jump ANY protection circuitry available. Have your electrician ensure that you have a very good (meaning direct) ground route for your main electrical panel, and make sure any antennas are well-grounded as well, ditto your chimney and roof-peak. Then perhaps the surge protectors will be more effective. The so-called "warranty" on those things is so full of holes it may as well be Swiss cheese. Even then, if your house is struck directly, the energy can pass down the wet exterior walls, and gain access to your electrical system through an indirect route, such as your doorbell or an extension cord you've left lying around.


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