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Barbara Queen
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Default Re: supper club- questions

The supper club will charge you a new charge ($25) for each additional entree. I did see someone order 2 starter courses and I don't think there was a charge for that, but not sure. The Spirit didn't serve Joe's Stone Crabs anymore, if that is what you are asking about. They do have crab claws, but the dining room will also have those one night, and you can order an many as you want. The lobster tail at the supper club is to die for!! it is 12 ounces--much bigger than those served in the dining room--but again, you pay for one and get one. The lobster tails in the dining room are smaller, but you can get extras! We did the supper club for Valentine's Day dinner and really liked it. The service was outstanding and so was the view and the food. There is also a dance floor and great live music. Makes for a memorable night! You won't leave hungry!
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