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Default Re: Carnival Fantasy Moved From Canaveral to Port Everglades

Let me tell you what the Orlando TV weather people are saying at 6:20 pm Wednesday:

Ophelia is presently about 90 miles east of Cape Canaveral, with top winds of 50 mph. The storm is not moving much at all, and is not expected to "make its move" until Monday. In other words, the meteorologists think that it will remain pretty much stationary until Mon.
off the Florida east coast.

They have several models they're watching as to where Ophelia may be headed, most of which take it to the north and east of its present location. But that's all very iffy right now.

If I were a betting man, I'd bet that the GloryB cruise won't be affected. But reading that the Fantasy will be rerouted to P.E. has surprised me somewhat. I don't know what the thinking is there, but the CCL officials are obviously ready to err on the side of safety. I can't blame them for that.

Let's hope that CCL makes its plans public NLT some time tomorrow (Thursday), for the sake of you folks sailing on the Glory on Saturday.


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