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Default Is there a maximum age? (And more questions.)


I've been trying to get as much information as I can about working on cruise ships. It really seems a great experience to me. I got out of a relationship of 5 years recently and before that I had a relationship of 5 years too, so the "boyfriend thing" always held me back in exploring. Now I feel free to do so, but the thing is, I'm 28. Are cruise lines only looking for early twentiers? Or do they look also for late twentiers and thirtiers? I honestly have no idea. That's why I'm asking, am I too old?

The job I'm looking for is to be Youth Staff on a ship. I've worked as an assistant in a elementary school for a year and assisted in all kinds of lessons, swimming, gym, school trips, anything - it was a full time job. Besides that, I've taught handi-craft lessons to children in the age range from 10 to 12 for a few months.

I'm Dutch, so I speak Dutch and English well, and a bit of German (needs refreshing). French I did have for three years and I'm considering getting a basic course to touch that up again.

I have a bachelor in Interaction Design (Information Sciences), I almost got my master in Multimedia and Culture. I was supposed to start my graduation project in September, but now the whole breaking up thing started, I feel a need to get out, do something else now I have the chance. I can finish my master if I want to another time. Other than that I also have a propaedeuse in Art Therapy. I am also a certified make-up artist, so I'm not afraid of people. I do not have a First Aid certificate or a CPR certificate. I need training in that. Should I take those trainings over here, or do the ships provide trainings too?

Do you think I have any chance to find a job as Youth Staff on a cruise ship?

Thank you so much in advance. Hope hearing from one of you in reply.

Kind regards,
Josephine van de Beld.
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