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Default Re: Re: Info on Youth Staff

yes, the ACD is now the Activities Manager--pretty much a cruise staff the does the schedualing!!! I was just cruising on the grandeur, as a pax--is your friend tiffany or gina? The time off in port would vary ship to ship, time of year, number of kids on board. Even in the summer, i wason a vision class ship that did the carribean out of florida and our kid counts would be a little over 600 I would get all but one port off, excluding the private destination. When i did the panama cannal a few years ago, i'd work a shift (3 hours) a day. That was fantastic, but wouldnt' do it again. I like working. Mainly the new gold anchor standards take the managing away from the manager. Before, the manager would be able to decide how many people would be needed for activites, kids dinner, it's all standardized, so if you have only 50 on the ship, and 10 staff there still has to be 4 people on portzone, 3 on LNPZ, and like 5 on dinner. For us on smaller ships (vision, soverign) this is ridiculus. They make the GAS for the big ships, and ignore the little ships. the teen staff also has to be a room host every port working from 3-5!!! Now when iwas on the big ships, this was mandatory, but on the small ships durring the off season the teen people are just going to be sitting on the vision we don't have a separate teen room, the voyagers use the teen room durring the day...where is the room host going to be located??? Just stuff that hasn't been figured out, that they 're not thinking of. And they send emails wondering about the high turnover rate!!! ummmm duh! All in all i love my job...I love to travel, i love the social aspect and the kids aren't half bad...I truely belive that the positon of youth staff is the best job on the ship...everyday is different. With that being said the reasons i would stay is because of the travel and socializing...if i'm only able to get off in one port...if by the end of the day I'm too tired to go to the SOB i really have nothing to stay ain't the money honey!!! I'm looking at NCL right now.
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