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Electra- Actually I was working that Port Zone when she had her party at the Filipino restaurant. She has said that on the Grandeur they're doing more work than she did on the Sovereign- but also she probably has those annoying training sessions that you have to re-do when you sign onto a ship. I remember when I was transferred from the Monarch to the Sovereign, I had to do some training courses again since I signed onto a new ship. I have done some research on the Navigator and it seems like I'm going to have my hands full because it does attract many families. What's cool about it is that for its teens, it has a back deck for them with a buffet and music. Also it mentions that the Mariner and Navigator have bigger facilities for the kids in each age group. When I visited the Explorer- I thought that it was small for the amount of kids they get. I couldn't imagine playing gaga ball in such a small space. What ship are you going on in your nexxt contract as a CPA?
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