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Default Re: Re: Stop ABs booking disabled cabins

I just booked a disabled cabin on the Elation. I am travelling alone and am renting a scooter for on board--I have my own chair, but only use it for malls and long distances--(when I am with others)--it is manual. I use a forearm crutch and am hoping that I will be having "good days" on the ship so that I will not need the scooter--but I will have it "just in case."

I have had people yell obsceneties at me, stare, etc. when I park in a handicap parking place (I have a license plate). I have learned to just smile sweetly at them and go on my way........I feel they are so much more handicapped than I!

BTW--Carnival did send me an information sheet to fill out! No doctor required--
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