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I am all for the topless reviews like Les Folies Bergere, Lido de Paris, Le Moulin Rouge and the like, but in reality, that's not going to happen on a cruise ship. So I just have to settle for the Broadway or Vegas style reviews that are currently the main focus of the cruiseline entertainment. Personally, I enjoy the cruiseship reviews and think they're very good for budding talent. They expose a lot of people to the world of Broadway musicals, people who would otherwise never take advantage of that opportunity. I wouldn't even want to guess how many young people decided to pursue a career in the entertainment industry, all because they saw a stage show somewhere and it inspired them. They may not be perfect, but I enjoy the effort of these entertainers and find it counterproductive to be that judgmental of them. It's there for our enjoyment and we ought to show enough class to do just that. There's enough things in life to complain about, without doing so about people who are trying to make us feel a little better. Have a good one.
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