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Default Re: Cruise Lines Don't Get It!

My husband & I also love the art auctions. We really went overboard on the last one (someone must have told them we love Thomas Kincade!) but now we have a beautiful view of our prints in our hallway.

The one MISTAKE we made was purchasing a "carry off". No shipping available, no matter how much you offered. Also, since we were flying home on a Sunday, there were NO shipping companies available (FedEx, or anyone!). It was too delicate to check, also too big to carry on. We were afraid for a moment we would have to leave it behind! But then, there was this man at the Miami airport who had a business wrapping items in plastic. He did a great job, wrapped it very well then we checked it. Even still, the corner of the frame was damaged, but the print survived. No more carryoffs, no matter HOW much we like it!


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