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I feel Disney is very overrated by price. I have not yet traveled on the Celebrity line yet. It will be next year. The kids during the day hung out with us by the pool. They mostly stayed in the pool. We always had a meeting place so they would periodically come by and say hello. Out children were not that much interested in the childrens program. We all enjoyed the live entertainment in the evening. They did a few childrens activities. All in all they would go off and then meet up with us later. I can say the shore excursions would be alot. After the live show they would go back to their cabin and maybe play a little nintendo and then go to sleep. My older children also hung out with us. It took them alittle longer to get comfortable and go out. By the middle of the cruise they would go and be with kids their age. I never gave them a curfew because where could they go. We all stayed together in ports. After pricing various cruises, why I choose Celebrity determined by my schudele. We wanted to go 10 day cruise. So limiting this I did not want my children to miss school. Celebrity is supposed to be a step upgrade from Carnival and the food is supposed to be better. I was happy with Carnival also. I won't know about Celebrity until I travel Feb 2002.
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