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Myself & hubby will be cruising with our 15 month old baby to Baja Mexico on Jan 19th from Los Angeles on Carnival Ecstasy for 4 days. This is our very first cruise & i'm all excited abt it, but full of questions. Any help is appreciated.

1... does the ship menu usually has child specific food.
2...I read somewhere in this messahe board about "parmalat-style milk ". I haven't heard of it till now. Is there any brand names or something I can look out for?
3... About baby sitting, is there any maximum or minimum hrs, do we have to do advance booking, do they change diapers
4....I have asked for late dinner (8 pm)... since we both are late diners.. 6 pm is too early for us... will it be inconvient for other adults with a baby around, i don't know how she will behave any given day.
5...what about swimming pool/ splash pools ? i read here that they don't allow non potty trained babies even in splash pools... is it so?
6.... what about sea sickness? what should i take with me for us & more importantly baby? i don't know what a sea band is, but is it good for baby too?
7..... what all medicines should i carry with for baby especially?
8... we have got an ocean view, so i presume there is no tub, so any ideas to bath a barely standing baby?
9...any body has any idea about the climate we should expect in mexico in January? What about in the sea... should i pack all pants, ull sleeves, fleece etc or summer wears? will we need a jackets for nights?
10... we will have i formal night? on short cruise formal nights, what outfit do people wear... i have a unworn gorgoeus dress.. will it be inappropriate to wear it... what about hubby.. what should i pack
11.... about shore excursions - carnival haven't told us the price? any idea how much will it be? do we have to pay for baby too? is there any must see tours in Baja Mexico? How does pick up & drop, lunch etc work for shore excursions?
12... how long will it take for dembarkation in LA port?

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