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Default Re: what to do w/ toddler precruise in tampa/orlando

Hope I'm not to late with comments but here goes...... I would rule out Bush Gardens with kids so young...alot of rides for bigger kids/adults. Lowery Park is nice, the zoo there is decent.... I'd pass on the Aquarium....if you've been to one they are pretty much the same....and not cheap. If you consider Animal Kingdom go first thing in the morning so that the heat of the day doesnt make the animals hide or sleep. As far as taking toddlers to Disney I think any park is pretty much safe. There are a few things that little kids cant do. MGM had a great show based on the morning shows, i.e. Bear, Rollie Pollie Ollie, Stanley, etc. Dont know if they still have it though. My child was 2 when we went and cant stop talking about it. Shes 4 now. Bit of advice on Disney Parks.....go straight to the stroller line...... you may have one, we did but opted for the one in the park and it was well worth it. They have double ones as well as single. Save your receipt because you can use it at another park on the same day to get another one. I would recommend the Rain Forest Cafe at Downtown Disney. Call ahead for reservations though. Theres not much to do in Tampa besides the malls, shopping and eating. Disney is going to be your best bet. I could go on for days about Disney, Heading down there on 3/21 for our cruise on SOS to the Bahamas. Going to the Magic Kingdom when we get back for a day. Anything else please ask. Could even give some good places to eat in Tampa. I used to live there.
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