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>>When our family goes to Outback and we eat steaks and the kids eat chicken fingers we don't add another $30 to the bill (if they had both eaten steaks, etc.) to figure out the tip. Do you?>>

When I eat in a restaurant, I pay what is socially acceptable - 15-20%. When I am on a cruiseline, I do the same. $10 per person per day.

>>How would you feel if you had 4 kids (say 3, 5, 7, &9) and you had to tip $280 for them and another $140 for mom and dad ($420)?>>

I would either have the money to pay for all my kids or I wouldn't go. There are all sorts of things I can't afford - so I don't do them.

>>Many of my friends who have cruised Carnival have commented that since the crew knows they will get the pre-paid tip, they don't provide the same level of service as they would if tips were given at the discretion of the passenger at cruise end.>>

I've heard this from others, so it probably has some truth to it in certain situations.

Carnival doesn't have mandatory tipping. You can have it taken off your sign and sail. Many people choose that option. Sounds like you are someone who will need to in order to be happy with your cruise.



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